524 Blockhouse Bay

Blockhouse Bay

This is a garage sale on October 09, 7am - 12:30.

MASSIVE GARAGE SALE / MARKET. Books, Tools, Clothing, Furniture, Fishing, Cakes, Plants, Shoes, Children's knitted Clothing, Bric a Brac, Cards, Stationery, Magazine's, art, Flowers, Candles, Collectable, China, Crystal, Brass, Copper, Clothing, Toys, Pots, Match boxes Cars, Motor bikes, Door stops, DVDS, Cds, Records, Honey, Refreshments. COME AND HAVE YOUR GARAGE SALE HERE PHONE Terry 027 221 1860

7am - 12:30

TIP: Leave your street number off your advertisement if you have a short street - it will save you the unwanted early bird!