524 Blockhouse Bay Road

Blockhouse Bay

This is a garage sale on August 10, 7am - 12 : 30.

MASSIVE GARAGE SALE / MARKET. Books, Toys, Jewellery, Baby clothes, Shoes, Clothing, Plants, Bric a Brac, Sunglasses, Watches, Cakes, Jams, Stationary, Box Cars, Matchbox, Funho, Hotwheels, Batman Cars, Collectable China, Tools, Hand Bags, Crown Lynn Swans and Vases, Furniture, Posters, Pictures, Mirrors, Glass, Crystal, Brass, Copper, Vases, Plates, Bowls, Candle holders, COME and have your GARAGE SALE HERE PHONE Terry 027 221 1860

7am - 12 : 30

TIP: Use tags to identify what items you have for sale