524 Blockhouse Bay Road

Blockhouse Bay

This is a garage sale on September 26, 7am - 12 : 30.

MASSIVE GARAGE SALE/MARKET.Books ,Cards ,Toys ,Clothing ,Furniture ,Shoes ,Plants ,Garden ,Magazines ,Cakes ,Brig a Brac ,Indoor - Outdoor ,Dvds ,Cds ,Records ,Car Stuff ,Box Cars ,Children's knitted Clothing ,Stationary ,Collectables Crystal ,Glass ,Brass and Copper Plates ,Cups ,Dishes ,Figurines and Bowls ,Crown Lynn Swans and Vases.COME AND HAVE YOUR GARAGE SALE HERE PHONE Terry 027 221 1860

7am - 12 : 30

TIP: Find 2 or 3 things you like, and offer something for the lot. You're likely to make your spare change go further