659a Main North Road


This is a garage sale on February 24, 8.30am-4.30pm.

A mega garage sale at 659a Main North Rd, Belfast. Saturday, Sunday February 24 and 25. 8am-4.30pm A great range of items, knick knacks and retro gear for ladies and men. Some items close to 100 years old including hundreds of books, especially children's stories. Here's a quick look at some of the goods. Bed linen, woollen blankets, pillows, mattress. Towels. Tools. A great selection including Stanley planes, Ess-Vee drill, wooden-handed chisels. Heaters. Firewood. Bricks. Picnic, camping gear including squabs. Small women's clothes especially woollen jerseys. Xmas decorations. Old toys, games, marbles, big bear. Cigarette tins. Mirrors, pictures. Umbrellas. Cookbooks Handbags including Fabourge de Paris bag. Doilies, sewing patterns. Cedar or Oregon wood. And much more. Location is a back section on the left hand side of the Main North Rd as you head north. It is between Englefield Rd and Johns Rd.


TIP: Get a second hand dealer to price a few of your items